On-The-Road Snack Containers: Traveling with Kids!

How great are these!?! We take MANY road trips throughout the year but the trip I least look forward to is my summer trip with the kids to Grandmas house, 8 hours away. The one thing I dislike is that I'm with the kids alone (out numbered it can feel like) in a car for that long.

It's not practical to be looking back, handing off things, or searching for this type of snack or what not while I'm driving a two-lane highway. Thanks to my girlfriend Jenn, who mentioned another friend did something similar after seeing snack boxes on Etsy. I never got to check hers out but I stored the idea in the memory bank with this summer trip in mind!

The boxes are actually Jewelry/Craft Bead Adjustable Storage Containers. I found mine on sale at Michaels for 50% Off {$6.49 each} but Amazon has plenty to choose from too. I would have ordered from there if I didn't get such a good deal otherwise.

I painted the little kids with glitter paint we had around the house & my oldest broke out the FREE nail polish I got last week from drug store deals. You could totally get fancy, I'll leave it up to you :-}

I was able to fill each box under $5 using my local grocery store sales/coupons/cvs extra care bucks! Yes really, under $5!

Do you road trip with kids in the summer? What tips/tricks do you use that are a lifesaver?

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