Monsters University Opens June 21st

***Little Mikey Alert***

Ever since college-bound Mike Wazowski (voice of Billy Crystal) was a little monster, he has dreamed of becoming a Scarer, and he knows better than anyone that the best Scarers come from Monsters University (MU). But during his first semester at MU, Mike’s plans are derailed when he crosses paths with hotshot James P. Sullivan, “Sulley” (voice of John Goodman), a natural-born Scarer.

The pair’s out-of-control competitive spirit gets them both kicked out of the University’s elite Scare Program. To make matters worse, they realize they will have to work together, along with an odd bunch of misfit monsters, if they ever hope to make things right.

I'll she screening Monsters University before it's release and have a full review on opening day, June 21th! Until then you can follow my Monsters University Pinterest board for all things Monsters University. Some really cute women's fashion for dressing as your favorite MU Scarer.

Check out the Monsters University website, plus follow the conversations on facebook and twitter! While you're there you can follow me if you're not already @itsPSG.

Dinner in The Sky Las Vegas: VIP Groundbreaking Cermony

Dinner in the Sky Las Vegas groundbreaking
Maybe I should have worn heels ;-)
The world is so becoming! I love the new and exciting; and to think that someone thought up serving a fabulous meal to diners 200 feet above the ground, and that crazy thought is now going to be a permanent Las Vegas attraction! Not one for heights, I wouldn't want to miss an experience of a lifetime like this!

Dinner in the Sky Las Vegas groundbreaking

The Best Father's Day Gift: June 20th, 2013

Kindle Fire HD Coupon Code

My #1 top gift pick for Father's Day 2013 is the Kindle Fire HD! Right now Amazon has the 7" HD Display, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Dual-Antenna Wi-Fi, 16GB with special features for $179.00 when you use code DADSFIRE.

We've done the iPad thing and I, hands down, would pick my Kindle Fire HD over it any day. I often have to wrestle it away from family members! I received my Kindle Fire HD as a Christmas gift with 32GB's. I have yet to fit the memory and I download A LOT of E-Books! I also recommend getting the 2-year Warranty for $49.99.

#MangoChallenge:8lbs lost, 30-days down, 6 more weeks to go!

Who's your Mangodrin Daddy???

Well that sums up my 30-days on the Mango Challenge as part of Recess' Las Vegas Bloggers network campaign.

las vegas bloggers mango challenge


What is a Mango Challenge:

Through a partnership between local Las Vegas based nutraceutical and cosmetic company truDERMA and RECESS' Sandbox Revolution network a 30-day weight loss challenge was issued to a select group on Las Vegas bloggers.

The bloggers were asked to follow the Mangodrin products instructions for 30-days to see how much weight we could lose in that time. No further instructions were given, no secondary diet restrictions. We could do as we normally do or implement additional changes at will.


My personal weight loss results were fabulous. I lost a total of eight pounds as of 5/31/13. I say "fabulous" because May was the worst month to participate in a "diet-challenge" for me. I though for sure I'd be done in for. Not only is it Mother's Day but I also celebrate my birthday in May. This means indulgence is abundant! It's not just one day I'm spoiled by drinks and lavish dinners, between all my friends and family I practically celebrate my birthday for the entire month.

That is not to mention all the events I do as part of RECESS as well as personal parties, Holiday BBQ's, and all the Cinco De Mayo maggies. I also was a guest at this years Ladybug Ball to benefit Nevada Blind Children's Foundation. The expertly prepared courses were crafted by some of the best chef's Las Vegas has to offer.

After all that --- milestones, celebrations, events, parties, after it was all said and done and the snooty-foodie fog lifted, I came out the other side having lost weight! In total I lost 8(eight) pounds with the aid of Mangodrin products.

7 Pounds Lost with Mangodrin: #MangoChallenge

Last week Recess held a #MangoChallenge Twitter Party and I know many people had a lot of questions about the products. If myself or the others participating did not get all your questions answered, feel free to ask in the comments below.
So it's day am I doing? I'm doing...happy. I'm happy with the seven(7) pounds I've lost as of today. With that weight gone, I've been wondering how much could have I already lost if I really applied myself. I said at the beginning I was not doing anything different than what I had already changed weeks before hand.

Sorry, I'm on a diet at the lake...said no one ever!
I did go to the gym...once. I'm making more of an effort to go, but we'll see in the coming ten weeks. seven of the 20 days I've been doing the Mango Challenge I've been attending events or celebrations; all catered with fabulous calorie latent food. I "stress" ate horribly over the weekend, nothing I'm proud of, however the moment I finished eating, I knew I was not going to be happy with myself later.

Las Vegas Bloggers Thrive at Recess!

Las Vegas Blogging community
Mommy Reporter takes another prize!
Recently I embarked on a new Las Vegas Blogger journey! Myself and a few Las Vegas Bloggers decided that the sandbox we had currently been playing in was filled with others that did not like to share their "toys", so to speak. If you think that shady-nees and underhanded deals only happen in the boardrooms and on wall street, you'd be wrong. As I watched the flames rise higher on that preverbal bridge, I have a deep clam knowing that from the ashes a  golden phoenix would rise higher than any flight the fire starters would have ever had.

Lucky for me, and the Las Vegas Bloggers living and working in our Las Vegas community we felt to need to pick up our toys and have a Sandbox Revolution...of sorts. 

As the premier blogging network and cross-media platform in Southern Nevada, RECESS is a group of local Las Vegas bloggers.

In Las Vegas, women make up half of the population and control 88% of the household purchase decisions.  Here at RECESS, our bloggers love to share news, information and recommendation about their favorite local and national products and services. - RECESS Las Vegas Bloggers - Does your business need the blogger?

A Network of Bloggers in Las Vegas

From Twitter Parties and Tweet-Ups to Pinterest Contests and Blogger Events, the ladies of RECESS have been hosting social media events for local and national businesses for years.  In fact, Toni Spilsbury recently wrote about How To Throw A Great Blogger Event.

Las Vegas Bloggers
Oz the Great and Powerful VIP Blogger Event

As the Sandbox Revolution Community Director, I personally am thrilled to work with a network of Las Vegas Bloggers that have thrived on their efforts to become a true blogger based community.

Is Your Business Working With The Blogger?

Let our network of Las Vegas Bloggers give your business, or client’s business, a boost through one of our targeted social media campaigns. Visit Recess Today to Learn How.

Finding Time. Photo Journal.

las vegas summer play

Sometimes it's hard to balance work & family especially when your office is in your home. Constant interruptions are commonplace and pulling away to take care of the things that need attention in the home is a challenge.

LAs Vegas summer time

#MangoChallenge: Week One & Four Pounds Down!

thirty day weight loss

On May 1st I began a weight loss challenge titled #ManogChallenge. This challenge was sponsored by Recess and truDERMA, a local Las Vegas based business. It's been nine days and so far I've had great results. In the first week I lost a total of four pounds. I feel better in my clothes too. I'm usually tugging, pulling, and adjusting through out the day, but I've noticed that has not been the case the last few days.  It feels really good to feel more comfortable in my skin again.

african mango weight loss
May 7th 2013
I never had weight issues. After my first two babies, the weight came off with little to no effort. I think I walked around the block once or twice & was back down to my pre-baby weight (105) with my first child. I was also only 23 years old, so I'm sure that helped. My second child I went back to work as a cocktail waitress and in no time I was even lower then my pre-baby weight. After my third child and a few years in between, I have only yo-yo ed in weight.

With a few pounds shed, things are looking good for the Mangodrin product. I spent 6 months in the gym and with not much to brag about I stopped going when my business took off. Today I returned to the gym, no, I returned to Body Pump! Ouch! I also have three unconfirmed broken toes, but I don't have six hours to spare in the er for them to tell me - "Yup, they are broken!", charge me a crap ton of money on x-rays, all so they can wrap them up. Can you tell I've broken toes before? 

mango challenge

#MangoChallenge by truDERMA: 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge for Las Vegas Bloggers

Mango Challenge by truDERMA
May 1st 2013, GNC VIP Blogger Event

I'm game for a challenge! I'm that girl - so if you say I can't do it, I am bound and determined to prove I can (I believe every man who has said that to me, has ate crow).

Well, no one said I can't lose the thirty pounds I unexplainable happy hour, sweets, thrifty ice cream, long hours writing, blogger events put on last year, but I was put up to the Mango Challenge by truDERMA and Recess!

Once I learned about the all-natural African Mango product at Blogger & the Beat, I was happy to take the samples home & give it a try. I have tried weight loss supplements in the past, only stop taking them as soon as I started because the side effects.

Mangodrin has been a fantastic product for me so far with no side effects to date (May 6th). I weighted in on May 1st at 147 pounds and as of this morning I weighed 143.5. That's after a busy food-centric weekend. I was a guest at The Ladybug Ball and Sunday was Cinco de Mayo. The food was very rich and I'm sure no shortage of butter was used to create the fabulous four courses at the ball. Plus the wine pairings were not to pass up! Add that to the beer and margaritas, plus party food on Sunday & I'm not sure how the scale was so kind!

Blogger & The Beat: Las Vegas Networking Workshops

On April 26th in downtown Las Vegas, NV Recess LV launched it's new monthly networking workshop! Space for Blogger & The Beat was sponsored by The Beat Coffeehouse.

As the community director of Recess, the Las Vegas women's online magazine, I was there to host open mic & speak about the Sandbox Revolution contributors cafe and what an amazing tool it is for our network of bloggers and contributors.

Every month Recess provides an opportunity for sharing, learning & most of all, connecting with our community of women, bloggers, and businesses - Recess LV
The April topic was Blogger & The Business. The featured educational speaker, Toni Spilsbury, a Recess founding member, enlightened workshop goers with an informative presentation on bridging the business to blogger gap.

She gave insightful lessons on ways that progressive businesses can utilize that special connection a blogger has with it's readers; how to tap into their collective following to translate that into increased business revenue. As well as how bloggers can optimize campaign events with simple, yet effective methods.

Blogger and the beat

Blogger and the Beat

I opened the evening with open mic. Speakers included Wendy Cushing of Wendy's Hat and Thomas Moore of

When we began planning Blogger & the Beat it was important for Recess to embrace bloggings roots. Open mic is a way to recognize how it got started. Blogging took the conversations we were having out of our neighbors kitchens over morning coffee and transitioned them from the park playdate blankets to an online audience. We began sharing our lives and personal stories with strangers willing to gawk via the web.

We could relate to perfect strangers stories about parenting as well as share family recipes with someone hundreds of miles away like never before. Thus the blogger became relatable and the reader began to trust them like a sister or girlfriend. Which in turn, & unexpectedly, has made bloggers a valuable tool for businesses.

blogger & the beat

Thomas, a business professional by day and cheer-dad by night was willing to share his experiences from the sidelines. You can read his Confessions of a Cheer Dad here.

Wendy shared lessons learned on the conference trail. She had just finished up a three-week conference tour and was back in town just in time to join us. I have two quotes I live by and it was refreshing to hear Wendy (in so many words) touch on this knowledge that she took away from her travels.
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African Proverb
Character  is how you treat those who can do nothing for you - unknown

blogger and the beat

blogger & the beat

The wonderful local company truDerma was a feature sponsor at the workshop! They provided the attendees with their Mangodrin products, as well as lots of goodies to win during the tweet-up. Sandbox Revolution member (& that evenings volunteer) Desiree Peeples - @MommyReporter won the gift basket.

Lana Fuchs also sponsored a signed copy of her new book The Blueprint. Recess and LV Tweet Party will be holding a twitter party on April 29th with special guest and local Las Vegas native, as well as Sin City star Lana Fuchs. You can get more information about the twitter party HERE.

A special thanks to all of our volunteers, guest speakers, attendees, and fab sponsors that made the workshop possible! The May topic will be Tweet & The Beat: Twitter & the Business. 

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